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The Portugal 2020 Program is ongoing and its thematic focus is divided into 4 main axes: -compe...

17 April 2015 Read more
New obligations for landlords

With the approval of the law on the State Budget for 2015 and the entry into force of the new r...

14 April 2015 Read more
Map of vacations - there are only 6 days...

Mr. Employer: if you have not already done so, you have until April 15 to prepare and display t...

10 April 2015 Read more
Single Report: an annual obligation for employers

The Enployment Code regulation has created a single obligation (annual), at the charge of all t...

7 April 2015 Read more
Holidays compensation

April is beginning and some holidays too. To the companies that sell to the final consumer, hol...

1 April 2015 Read more

The FCT (Employment Compensation Fund) and the FGCT (Employment Compensation Guarantee Fund) ar...

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How to estimate PEC?

Do you know how to estimate the Special Payment on Account (PEC) and it's payment deadlines? Th...

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Quality Certification of advantages for your company

The certification process of a company consists in the conception, implementation and certifica...

31 March 2015 Read more
Incentive to self-employment creation

The ministerial order No. 151/2014, of 30 July, creates the program Invests Young.  This incent...

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Holidays: 6 informations to retain

If you have a business and you employ one or more workers, its important to know the procedures...

31 March 2015 Read more
New actions to cumulate unemployment benefit and salary

At 11 february of 2015 came into effect the Ministerial Order 26/2015 that establishes the...

31 March 2015 Read more
Simplified regime or Organized Accounts?

Are you a self-emplyed professional and you don't know wich taxation regime suits you better?  ...

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In the event of a dispute, the consumer may use an Alternative Dispute Resolution Body:

CICAP – Tribunal Arbitral de Consumo
Rua Damião de Góis, 31, Loja 6, 4050-225, Porto
+351 22 550 83 49 / +351 22 502 97 91

More information on Portal do Consumidor