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Our vision
We are an organization committed to quality, to not only meet the needs of our Customers, but also exceed their expectations.

To our employees, we promote a climate of respect and sharing in parallel with a culture of motivation and professional development.
Our mission
  • Create and maintain a professionalism, accuracy and confidence relationship with each one of our Customers
  • Ensure the companies health , preventing / solving difficulties and capitalizing on advantages and opportunities
  • Return the commitment of employees through good working conditions and incentives for professional development
Our history
In 1976, Domingos Salvador began its activity in the accounting area, in which he became an expert. The April 16, 1986 he establishes the commercial company with the same name, that based on the seriousness and competence in the performance of the activity, grew with solidity.

The vision of its founder, based on re-investment, allowed for the development of the company lodgement from a modest room into a wide building that provides unique work conditions and Customer reception.

The quality of the management provided a balanced growth, great rates and deserved financial autonomy.
Protecion of Information
At Domingos Salvador® we believe that providing a service of excellence is based on professionalism and rigor. For this reason, the protection of our Customers’ information is a cornerstone. Thus, the transmission of information to the customer is governed by:
  • Confidenciality
  • Integrity
  • Safety 
  • Rigor in complaince in the General Regulament of Data Protection (RGPD)
Our clients
More than half a thousand corporate clients - in sectors as varied as wholesale trade, industry, services ( ... ) - and individuals from north to south of the country, place their trust in our company.

We also support the expansion of our Customers beyond borders: Spain, Angola, Mozambique.

More than providers of a service, we place ourselves as partners in the rise / consolidation of our Customers’ success.
Our human resources
The Domingos Salvador team It is composed of a stable group of more than 50 professionals, whose average age is around 36 years. Not only is a young team, but also is highly qualified and up-to-date in their knowledge. Each professional has its own specialization, allowing a deep knowledge of each sector.

It’s this team, of which we are very proud, that allows us to offer a service of distinctive quality.
Our awards
Our superior performance and the pursuit of a strategy of continued growth and competitive leadership  were accentuated by the attribution of the PME Líder prize over 4 consecutive years (2009-2012) and again from 2017 until 2021.

These awards were joined by the PME Excelência in 2011, 2012, 2017, 2018, 2019 and again in 2020 giving credit to our highlighted performance.

These distinctions certify that the quality, accuracy and efficiency that we proclaim are not just fine words: they are our DNA.
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CICAP – Tribunal Arbitral de Consumo
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