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31 March 2015

Quality Certification of advantages for your company

The certification process of a company consists in the conception, implementation and certification of a Quality System, according to a proper Quality Guarantee Model. The standard ISO 9001 forms the international reference for the Quality Management Systems Certification in companies, public or private, regardless of their dimension and activity sector. But why to certificate your company? We highlight some advantages: - Work processes optimization by the specific definition of each worker responsabilities and tasks; - Costs reduction, by the waste, rejections and complaints decrease; - Competitivity and credibility increase before the market, either at national or international level; - Larger focus on Clients ands best levels of satisfaction; - Continuous improvement culture implementation; No doubt that the Quality Certification grants a better image to your company, contributing to atract your current and potential clients trust. To be certified, your company should prepare a range of documents and writen procedures associated to the implementation of your quality system, that will comprise of a final file that is ment to be apreciated / audited by one of the approved organizations by IPQ for the Quality Guarantee System certification (APCER, SGS, TUV, BVC, EIC). To get more informations about Quality Certification and about available incentives, advise on us: / T. 227 537 270.
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