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What can we say about the cybersecurity?

The cyberattacks have been increasing abruptly and the future finds itself more uncertain and c...

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Labor market: The unpredictable and renewed concept image

The renovation is already going! Long gone the times when someone remained at the same work pla...

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Family businesses: insurance and uncertainty

The family businesses have a fundamental impact in European economy, although it is not always ...

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The Vision of Domingos Salvador® about account in the digital age

As an organization that wants to keep his place as a market leader, we believe on imperativity ...

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4 tips to become an impact leader in your area

Has come a long way. Has a solid team and a developing business. How to consolidate yourself as...

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5 suggestions to take decisions with moderated risks

The innovation isn´t only for startups! Businesses established with long success stories must a...

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Invoice reporting obligation

With the publication of the new law of 119/2019, 18thSeptember, were introduced lots of several...

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3 tips to help you get your team involved in the “change”

The transformation that is provided from new industrial platforms, geopolitics changes, global ...

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Which kind of firm can you adapt to your business?

Before you open the company it´s necessary to do the following question: Which kind of firm it´...

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The way forward in a building of a team

The business success always depends of a good administration/management team, as their business...

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Values: The base (Foundation) of a successful family business

It´s true that the inquiry revealed that the family businesses are in(under) development, in fa...

25 June 2019 Read more
Eletronic Complaint Book

This information is aplicable at Portugal.  The Gabinete de Contabilidade Domingos Salvador rem...

16 May 2019 Read more
In the event of a dispute, the consumer may use an Alternative Dispute Resolution Body:

CICAP – Tribunal Arbitral de Consumo
Rua Damião de Góis, 31, Loja 6, 4050-225, Porto
+351 22 550 83 49 / +351 22 502 97 91

More information on Portal do Consumidor