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Human Capital: five trends that will redefine your business

Surely you have heard this many times: "Human capital is the most important asset of your busin...

22 July 2020 Read more
The importance of business management

Save time: All companies must integrate their management and have their areas connected and syn...

15 July 2020 Read more
Tools available to help companies

In times of crisis, where all the standards we are used to are changed, it is essential to gath...

18 June 2020 Read more
5 tips to reopen your office safely!

Open now? Open later? Questions that invade the minds of entrepreneurs eager to resume their bu...

3 June 2020 Read more
The challenges of Covid-19 for Certified Accountants

All the changes imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, both on a professional and personal level,...

13 May 2020 Read more
Tips to Increase your productivity in remote work

Domingos Salvador - Gestão, Contabiidade & Consultoria leaves some suggestions to improve your ...

6 May 2020 Read more
Tools to use for small business management

Managing a business is never an easy or simple task. Therefore, the manager must be intelligent...

17 March 2020 Read more
Hard skills and soft skills: what sets them apart and what they should add to a worker

Indeed, both concepts designate skills that should be part of us as individuals and professiona...

9 March 2020 Read more
Mistakes to avoid when setting a price

It´s through the sale of goods and services that companies live. For this, the price must be th...

13 February 2020 Read more
Business wellness

What is business wellness? Wellness is a program or proposals carried out by companies to impro...

23 January 2020 Read more
New sales and promotions rules

As the end of the year approaches, it is common for economic retail trade operators to boost th...

13 January 2020 Read more
New rules of inventory reporting

New rules will apply as of January 2020 regarding the reporting of inventories to the Tax Autho...

18 December 2019 Read more
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