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5 May 2021

Lean Thinking: what is it?

Lean Thinking is a methodology that prioritizes two factors and management objectives: Adding value to the customer and reducing waste.

To achieve them a series of Lean tools are applied, among them:
  •     Kanban;
  •     Kaizen
  •     Jidoka;
  •     Just in Time, among others.
It is important to understand that Lean Thinking is not a tool, but a philosophy, a way of thinking about process management in your company.

The mentality proposed in this tool is one of continuous process improvement, from the focus on improving delivery, using fewer resources, and prioritizing only what is seen as valuable by the customer.

The goal of Lean is to develop processes that are efficient, without waste, being increasingly productive, and meeting what is of value to the customer and for the customer.

This tool originated with the Toyota brand and it is therefore common for people to think that Lean Thinking is a thought that is only applied in industry or factories. However, the methodology has already proven to be relevant to optimize processes in service companies.

In addition to serving different types of companies, the methodology can contribute to improving the results of different departments within organizations. From the sales, customer service, financial, and HR departments.
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