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4 November 2020

Stress Awareness Day

Today is Stress Awareness Day

Are you constantly worried? Can't get off work? Don't know how to relax or enjoy moments of relaxation? Unfortunately, it is a situation that occurs to countless workers and that is what Stress Awareness Day is for.
It is an almost invisible problem, as it can be difficult to diagnose and is often ignored by the individual himself, who tends to devalue what he is feeling.
In extreme cases, excessive stress can lead to burnout, classified as a modern-day disease by the WHO.

Tips to learn how to deal with stress

This is general and comprehensive advice that may not have the expected effect, as each person reacts to stress and its forms of control differently. If you feel in a state of uncontrol, do not waste more time and ask for medical help.
In everyday life, you can try the following tips, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) (3):
  • Breathe in and out deeply for a few seconds;
  • Take breaks during the working day and move away from your desk, preferably;
  • Do not accumulate too much work - ask for help whenever necessary;
  • Point out all appointments and tasks, so as not to overload the brain with that kind of information;
  • Work in a clean and organized space, and, why not, decorated with objects that make you feel good and happy;
  • Practicing physical exercise on a regular basis;
  • Have a balanced diet;
  • Be positive and not immediately start thinking about the worst possible scenarios when something goes wrong;
  • Do meditation;
  • Listening to music.
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